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2 years ago

i missers him so much i feel like i push people away☹☹☹


2 years ago

SIGN THIS PETITION against a man who was fired for being gay

2 years ago

i lovers all you people
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More of dafuq-posts are coming here 
funny weird and relatable posts
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2 years ago


took this pic, thought it looked pretty legit.. is of me ^_^ comments?

look at what a cutie he is 
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2 years ago

*put your paws up bitches!!!!!* *LittleMonster for life*

i dont own this picture just saying

2 years ago

Remember through the hard times

When things go bad and you can’t sleep 

Just come find me don’t think just breath

Remember the times we laughed and loved

The times we cried 

The times where things seemed perfect

When our love isn’t enough

The thoughts begin to run

Filling your heart and soul

Sadness and sorrow start so deep

Your loneliness hurts

But im right here

Waiting, waiting for you

With outstretched, waiting 

Come here and I’ll hold you

Forever until the end of time 

And everything be just fine